Extreme performance on the track

Building high horsepower bikes are something we’ve been doing at Nowaskey Extreme for over 15 years. Jumping into the new bagger racing class seemed like a natural progression. Bagger racing started as a novel idea, but it’s quickly become one of America’s fastest-growing motorcycle race classes.

If you’re new to bagger racing, stock touring motorcycles from Harley-Davidson® and Indian® are transformed into race-ready bikes with aggressive suspensions, turbo systems, and extensive performance enhancements to the engines. Fairings and hard bags complete the look of the bikes, but they are anything but stock.

MotoAmerica added its King of the Baggers class, and the Bagger Racing League developed its Battle of the Baggers class. If you’ve never experienced high-performance racing with American touring bikes, we’d love for you to meet us and cheer us on! 

MotoAmerica King of the Baggers 2022 Schedule

Bagger Racing League 2022 Schedule

you dream it. we build it.

Pete Nowaskey has been customizing Harley-Davidson® motorcycles for over 15 years. His success results from taking the time to understand your riding style, preferences, and overall vision for your bike. Pete and his team can take your bike to the next level. They can make mild modifications to transforming your stock Harley-Davidson® motorcycle into a full ground-up custom.

Pete and his team specialize in engine building, which significantly increases horsepower and torque. If aesthetics are as important as performance, we have you covered. Our in-house fabrication capabilities include stretching and raking the frame and developing custom components like tanks and fenders. Pete’s crew can also custom-fit performance parts by designing and fabricating adaptive components. They can also create one-off custom handlebars that fit your style and riding preference.

Pete and his crew are ready to build you the bike of a lifetime that rides, sounds, and performs beyond your expectations.